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The Catadupa Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) is named after the Catadupa community but covers a much larger area with approximately 18 separate communities (see map).
Its secial is under various Threats including that of bauxite mining and so we have been working with Catadupa communities since 2013 to develop Catadupa Conservation Action Plan (C-CAP).
This project, "An Action Plan to Save Threatened Biodiversity in Catadupa", is funded by Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund (CEPF) and our workshops enabled representatives from all communities to participate in and have ownership of this Conservation Action Plan.

Between summer, 2014, and spring 2015, we held a series of 21 sensitisation workshops at each of the 18 Catadupa communities.

These were followed by two general Stakeholder Workshops. The First Workshop, on February 18th 2015, was used to identify key stakeholders for the main Threats and to look at their motivations.
The Second Workshop was held on 8th April 2015 and finalised a Stakeholder Situation Diagram and to identify Actions which will reduce or eliminate the Threats.