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From Taino times to the present, Cockpit Country has been a place of refuge: for the Tainos escaping the warlike Caribs (and subsequently the Spaniards), for the Leeward Maroons, during their struggle against the British; and today for Jamaica’s endemic plants and animals.
The shared history of military activities between Taino and Spanish peoples, between African peoples and the English in the Maroon struggles have added specific trails and routes that generated settlement patterns and construction forms such as fortification, barrack buildings, and housing forms.

The British military is an integral part of the story of the Maroon struggle for independence.

Remains of British barracks can still be seen at Flagstaff, Dornoch Head and Cave Valley.
The parade ground is currently used as a football pitch at Coxheath and there are ruins of the military base at Windsor. The location of the Troy base is near the bridge at the junction to Crown Lands.