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This set of fifteen actions was developed by a broad range of stakeholders as part of TNC(Jamaica)'s Conservation Action Plan and are expected to mitigate the threats to Cockpit Country biodiversity. The first three of these actions cover general initiatives which will affect all targets; the remainder affect one or several threats as indicated.



Mining/ Quarrying Forest conversion Alien (non-native) invasive
Amateur/ scientific
of GoJ/ NGO's/ CBO's
1 Develop and implement an effective mechanism for co-management of the Cockpit Country conservation area. X X X X X X X
2 Collaboratively develop and implement a long-term funding strategy for Cockpit Country conservation. X X X X X X X
3 Establish self-sustaining and effective Local Forest Management Committees incorporating local C.B.O.s X X X X X X X
4 Investigate the most appropriate means of amending the legislation that allows the precedence of The Mining Act over the Forestry Act and other conservation acts within Cockpit Country X
5 Develop an economic case for the conservation of Cockpit Country by conducting an economic valuation of the ecological and cultural services provided by Cockpit Country X X
6 Develop and implement a public awareness campaign X
7 Develop Atlas of Cockpit Country targets and threats in order to quantify them and guide and refine conservation actions X X X X X X
8 Facilitate and promote the declaration of private land holdings under forest as Forest Management Areas X
9 Develop techniques and implement projects to restore forest in critical areas such as abandoned agricultural lands, river banks and cave entrances using early succession native species X X
10 Develop and disseminate appropriate best-management practices for small-scale and subsistence farming to at least 50 farmers (one in each community) working in close proximity to Cockpit Country X X
11 Provide sufficient incentives for land owners with crown land inholdings to maintain at least 40 hectares in forest until Forestry Department can declare these inholdings as forest. X X
12 Develop detailed data on the distribution and impacts of major invasive species (bamboo, Asian fern, American cockroach, shiny cowbird etc) on Cockpit Country biodiversity and develop priorities for control. X
13 Select, promote and disseminate appropriate sewage disposal technology in at least one critical Cockpit Country community. X
14 Develop a business plan and a field demonstration plot to produce yam-sticks through agroforestry as an alternative source of income to collecting saplings from forest. X
15 Work with NEPA and other agencies to enforce existing laws and regulations protecting Cockpit Country biodiversity (including orchids, bromeliads, parrots, butterflies, research specimens) . X