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The 18th century was also an active period for religious "Dissenters" or "Reformers" or "Non-Conformists"-depending whose side you were on. The first Moravians, Brother Caries and two other missionaries, were invited by William Foster and his brother, Joseph Foster Barham in 1754. Missionary stations were built at Bogue, Carmel (New River) and Barhams (Mesopotamia), all of which were very unhealthy, and mortality was high among the missionaries, as evidenced by the numerous gravestones at New Eden and at Elim. By 1824 there were four Moravian stations.

Moravian history will probably be of interest to historians and to current followers of this Protestant sect. See also Waldensians. The Moravian Church is now grouped with the Scottish Presbyterians

The Moravian began work in 1754. radiated out from their first church in Bogue (see monument above).