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In 2016, WRC's Dr. Susan Koenig was invited to give a Keynote presentation to the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors & Suppliers (IABES), whose members have been supporting our efforts to protect Cockpit Country, the habitat of Jamaica's endemic Homerus Butterfly.

We have divided Susan's presentation into its 4 major topics. Please email us if you have further questions.

Special thanks to IABES for its on-going support since 2006 and for supporting Susan's attendance at the 2016 conference in Tucson, Arizona, USA. For further details about their conservation support, visit iabes.org/conservation

1_Intro to Windsor Research Centre
2_Conservation Area Planning: WRC's toolkit
3_Homerus Conservation
4_Next Steps for Conservation

Contact Information:
Susan Koenig
Windsor Research Centre
Sherwood Content P.O.
Trelawny, Jamaica