Reid's Friendship belonged to George Reid & sisters who were certainly related to John Reid of Wakefield since these properties share a boundary. The Reid family (Cols. John and Thomas) and sons and daughters eventually owned six estates in the parish including Bunkers Hill, Friendship, Wakefield and Long Pond. The first three are neighbours.
There are two references to "Friendship" in the Jamaica Almanac of 1840: one is owned by heirs of George Reid and consists of 1423 acres; the other is of 935-acres and was owned by a certain James Fowler who also owned Lottery and Grange. However, I am indebted to John Fowler (kin to James) for confirming that there are indeed two Friendships, the second one having originally belonged to a William Stirling, who also owned Content.



The church on the crossroad is named REIDS FRIENDSHIP United Church and, according to the plaque over the doorway, was built in 1873. This surprises me because of the high quality of the stonework (which needs some maintenance:- see inset photo). The name is also perpetuated by the Reids Friendship Adventist Church, and this may have come about in order to distinguish the area from another "Friendship" owned by William Stirling (no details yet: watch this space!)

There is a stone slab behind the church:

Capt. John Reid RN
BORN JULY 25 1813
DIED August--1877








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