Bunkers hill in Trelawny Jamaica, was originally called Studely Park but was re-named at some time.
 "Bunkers Hill" was a battle between the Americans and the British in 1775. Whoever renamed the Estate must have been making a political point!

It seems to have been owned by Thomas Reid: (the Reid family eventually owned six estates in the Parish, including Bunkers Hill, Friendship, Wakefield and Long Pond. The first three are neighbours.) but the The Jamaica Almanac of 1840 lists the acreage as 1679 and the owner as Sir Charles Oakley, trustees.

There are a number of caves in the area, but one in particular, "Qua" cave which is now on private land, was known as an important Maroon hideaway within a system of cave networks. There is also an area named "Village" which is said to have been the early settlement for slaves on the Bunker's Hill property and where you can still see remains of a old stone wall.


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