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Based on IKONOS image supplied courtesy of GeoEye/Forestry Dept

Content Pen extends northwards from Coxheath, near the Waldensia Baptist Church.
From the map (courtesy of the National Library of Jamaica), you can see that, at 58 acres, it was quite a small estate. According to John Fowler (who is connected with Grange, Lottery and Friendship):
"Penn (or pen) had two meanings in late 18th/early 19th century Jamaica, either a livestock farm, or a gentleman's country house/estate, primarily a residence but with some "farming" - cattle and small stock, some fruits, vegetables etc., for the use of the owner's household, (which, including "servants", could easily be 20-30 people), pasture for his horses, more than a hobby farm, but not intended to produce for market. ".

map of Content

Original map courtesy National Library of Jamaica

Content Great House

I have recently located the Content Great House, which doesn't seem to be listed anywhere and is in poor condition.
It is known as the Baptist Manse and until recently was used as lodging for the minister


I'll be preparing a full description of the House and its history, (see view from verandah -1.8MB- and the view inside living room (1.6MB)) but one point immediately springs to mind: it may have been here that William Knibb died! I am indebted for this information to Rev. Dr. Rahming, of Bahamas, who was a student Minister here in 1963. To quote from his article in the Bahama Journal:

In 1963 I had a preaching appointment in Waldensia Jamaica. I was a student Minister and my host pastor was the Rev. Mr. Jessop. He seemed to have been in his nineties. He was British. He lived alone. A cook came in to prepare his meals.

Knowing what I now know I regret I did not ask him many questions.

At breakfast Parson Jessop asked me if I slept well.
I said "Yes Parson".
Then he told me that William Knibb died in that bed.

We are presently initiating a community regeneration Proposal with a goal of using this house to catalyse community regeneration (See presentation).
We have just received an offer of help from Mr Chris Ohrstrom (Chairman of Falmouth Heritage Renewal): this will enable us to carry out emergency work to replace the collapsing interior wall and thus save this remarkable house from imminent collapse.
We have completed the first "rescue mission", funded by Chris Ohrstom: thanks Chris! Click to see first report.

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