A "Meet the Biologists" Dinner at Windsor Great House seems to us the only rational way of enjoying the Cockpit Country experience! The cool evenings mean that lice, ticks and mosquitos have given way to the night chorus of frogs and insects in "surround sound". A little bit of intellectual stimulation and some sort of field trip, followed by a four-course meal on the verandah, with wine and drinks available. Roast Trelawny lamb or Sugarbelly Pork Tenderloin are favourites (but short notice gets you chicken!) and of course you will taste a variety of locally grown "foods" (yam, coco, dasheen, breadfruit, cassava...) when they are in season.

A short talk will be given by whichever researchers are in the area, (otherwise they can't eat!) together with a "field trip" to whet your appetites: come around 16.30 or 17.00.

The price is US$40 per person, plus alcohol, though we give a discount for 8 or more persons

You might want to consider staying overnight in our simple bed-and-breakfast accommodation.

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