The village of Sherwood-Content includes the communities of "Sherwood" itself, "Content", "Piedmont" and "Coxheath".
"Sherwood" presumably has some connection with Sherwood Forest in England and since the "Forest" Estate is immediately to the east, the name may just have been the owner's sense of humour. Note that the map of adjacent Piedmont shows one boundary as Sherwood Pen.
There is no surface water in the village which is at around 180m elevation, so that it seems strange that people settled there when the nearest water source is Lagoon, down the hill near Fontabelle: in all probability the area was settled after Emancipation and was the only area they could get from the planters. Sherwood and the now-deserted "Hoby Town" were This is to some extent reinforced by William Knibb's early interest in the area.

Sherwood Content postal district encompasses a number of contiguous areas that seem like one village to someone driving a car, but are in fact distinct zones to a pedestrian. Besides Sherwood and Content, there is Coxheath, Bottom Town, Central, Top Town and Piedmont.
Piedmont has a rather interesting story going back nearly a thousand years and connecting it to the Waldensia All-age School and the Waldensia Baptist Church.

A number of pretty, nineteenth century houses can be seen in Sherwood Content, but many are being allowed to fall into disrepair and will soon disappear.

Sherwood Content is also interesting from the geological standpoint because there is an exposure of the earlier yellow limestone in this predominantly white limestone area.

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