William Knibb, the great emancipator, is now buried in the William Knibb Memorial Church, in Falmouth, which was built in his memory in the late 19th century. It was was destroyed by a hurricane in 1944 and seems to have been completely rebuilt from the foundations up, using the original materials. Knibb was born in Kettering, England, and, after Emancipation, a house was built for him by the freed slaves in appreciation of his efforts -and the persecution he had endured-on their behalf.
The house was named Kettering and you can still see the gateposts on the hilltop in the district near Duncans.

The present house is clearly of recent construction on the original site but the history is betrayed by the cut stone garage shell.

A number of graves are located in the lot to the east of the house, including that of Knibb's grandson, William Knibb FRAY.
Knibb elder was also buried here but that his remains were later transferred to Falmouth after the Memorial Church was finished in the late 1800's.
Kettering should be a National monument!

More information on the Knibbfamily is available at THE K/NIBB/S ONE NAME STUDY

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