As you see below, Duanvale is in a long polje surrounded by cockpit karst hills. It is easily recognised by the long, straight "main street" (the only straight road in Trelawny?!)

The name originates with the gaelic Duin- ("dark") vale. I don't know why this should be appropriate because the valley is actually wide and not dark at all. Maybe there were formerly a lot of trees which gave shade??

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Duanvale has an active Citizens' Association, led by Mr Vaston Christie assisted by Mr Palmer. They can be contacted c/o Duanvale P.O or at Mr Christie's bar.
The Duanvale Community Centre seems to be substantially complete, but for some reason JSIF, who financed it, seem to be unwilling to hand it over.


There are a number of churches in the community: Two of the older churches are shown below.

The Fraserville Methodist Church in Duanvale, founded 1880, was apparently named after one of the founders, Mr Fraser. The "-ville" is for decoration. Notice the separate bell tower: this is common in Jamaica because earthquakes toppled too many of the early towers onto the main body of church.

Notice also the flooded sinkhole in the foreground: Duanvale is very close to the water table.

The Trittonville Baptist Church was built in 1894 and has a different solution to the bell tower problem.The tower is very short and stubby and is solidly linked to a corner of the main structure. This church is named for the former Rev. Tritton; once again, the "-ville" is for decoration.

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