Braco in Trelawny, Jamaica was named after a place in Perthshire, Scotland and was originally owned by Dr Charles Gordon. It consisted of 1840 acres.
It is presently the site of a Superclubs Hotel, "Grand Lido Braco"

The Great House has been substantially enlarged by the present owner Mr Chris Parnell, whose father, the Hon. Winston V. ("Val") Parnell, was Custos of Trelawny from 1959.

During World War 2 an aerodrome was constructed by the American Airforce on the Estate. The runway has been closed and blocked since the mid-1980's because it was being used by drug-smugglers. The crashed remains of various light aircraft can still be seen in the area. There is also a quarry opposite the hotel and this gives us a link to Windsor Research Centre because of the occasional Yellow Boa snake that shows up: we measure and weigh these snakes and then remove them from the quarry to a safer area in the hills behind the quarry. (Of course, that is a safer area for the snake! No Jamaican snake is poisonous but there is a general antipathy towards snakes in Jamaica and they are normally killed on sight).





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