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The name Noranda means collectively (1) Noranda Aluminum, Inc and its subsidiaries and (2) Noranda Aluminum Holding Corporation (Noranda HoldCo) and its subsidiaries.

NORANDA is a leading North American integrated producer of aluminum products.
In other words, Noranda integrates all four stages of the process to convert ore to a finished product:

  • Noranda mines bauxite ore (in St Ann, Jamaica) and had 375 employees in 2011. Bauxite is essentially a mixture of Aluminum Oxides and Iron Oxide, with small amounts of other compounds.
  • The bauxite is shipped to Noranda’s plant at Gramercy, Louisiana, where it is refined into Alumina (Aluminum Oxide). This USA plant had 470 employees in 2011.
  • Noranda then converts the Alumina into Aluminum at its Smelter in Missouri (930 employees in 2011).
  • Noranda’s four rolling mill facilities across Tennessee, North Carolina and Arkansas then produce the final product in the form of Aluminum sheet and foil, etc. (630 employees in 2011).

2012 will be the fifth full year of Noranda’s young history as a stand-alone company.

NORANDA BAUXITE LIMITED (NBL) is a Jamaican private company and is a wholely owned subsidiary of Noranda HoldCo. 
Assets are:

  • A concession from GOJ to mine bauxite through 2030;
  • A 49% interest in NJBP (see below)

NORANDA JAMAICA BAUXITE PARTNERSHIP (NJBP) is a Jamaican Partnership owned 51% by GOJ and 49% by NBL.

NJBP holds the physical mining assets and conducts the mining and related concessions.

NBL manages the operations of NJPL, pays all operating costs and is entitled to all bauxite. NBL pays GOJ

  • Royalty based on amount mined
  • “Asset usage fee” for the use of GOJ’s 51% ownership of assets
  • Customary Taxes and fees
  • Production levy
Noranda Aluminun Holding Company is listed on New York Stock Exchange and has a debt to equity ratio of about 10:1.