Hyde Hall which is a quite substantial Great House now owned by the Long Pond Sugar Estates Ltd. The property was first owned by a Mr. James Hall from 1699, but the House was built in 1820. It may have been the last Great House built in Jamaica(?).


Notice the arches on the ground floor. These are very different from the beam and column type construction of earlier Great Houses and resemble the style of the Falmouth Court House built four years earlier in 1815/6.


Note the ruins of the windmill, the factory and a cattle mill, for use when the wind dropped, and the various out-buildings.Though these are still standing, no care is being taken to stop the tree roots breaking them down.


Do not confuse this estate with the Hyde district of Clarks Town (about three miles away) which was named after Mr. George Hyde Clarke, onetime Custos and a member of the same family as Mr. G.M. Clarke who owned the Swanswick Estate and who gave land for the establishment of Clarks (formerly spelled Clarke's) Town in the post -emancipation period.

 The Jamaica Almanac of 1840 lists the owner of this estate as Henry Shirley, who also owned nearby Etingdon and Glamorgan, for a total of 4622 acres.

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