About a mile towards the east of Duncans you come to a crossroad with dirt tracks leading to Lancaster on the right and Harmony Hall (see gateposts) on the left (North). These are privately owned estates and permission is required to visit. Harmony Hall was a sugar estate that converted to coconut production sometime after Emancipation and is now in cattle production. The Great House on top of the hill burned down long ago and has been replaced by a modern house which is visible from Silver Sands. About a mile from the gate is a magnificent sugar factory dominated by a cut-stone chimney. Note the cattle mill to the southwest of the main factory and the two remaining tapered columns of the drying house for trash (which would then be used for the furnace). Lancaster was the bigger of the two estates with about 1300 acres as opposed to 800 acres for HH. Lancaster had its own factory, windmill and wharf down at the boundary with Braco.

The present owner of the Lancaster Estate has rebaptised it Aberdeen, as is his right: but it might cause you some confusion!

Harmony Hall was founded by John James.
The Jamaica Almanac of 1840 lists this estate as having1496 acres and the owner as Joseph Travers.

It subsequently was purchased by Dr Robert Dewar in 1883 by which time sugar had been replaced by coconuts and copra.


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