Cheshire Plantation in Trelawny, Jamaica originally belonged to Jane Spragge of Greenwich who leased it on 4 Dec., 1773 to James Kerr of Soho for "13 years 5 months 15 days together with a moiety of Hambrocke Penn, both in P. of St. James, at £375 for first 4 years, £500 p.a. for next 9 years, and £500 for residue of lease".
It was subsequently leased on 24 & 25 Feb 1792 to "John Tharp of Trelawney, now residing in Great Cumberland Place".� (See Tharp Papers) Another deed in the same Tharp papers and dated 5 months earlier (1 Oct. 1791) between John Tharp of Trelawney and Thomas Reid of Hanover md others, trustees reads as follows: "Settlement on proposed marriage of John Tharp and Ann Gallimore widow both of Trelawney, of Lansquinet and Cheshire plantations now cultivated as one estate of 750 acs. in Trelawney with slaves, &-c. , in trust for uses stated."

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