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Coereba flaveola


Sexing of adults by wing chord appears possible with WC < 52 = female; WC > 57 = male.

Compare to other populations or islands:
Bibles, B.D., and C.W. Boal. 2012. Morphometric-based sexual determination of Bananaquits (Coereba flaveola). Ornitologia Neotropical 23:507-515.
[Research conducted on Guana, British Virgin Islands]

Diamond, A.W. 1973. Altitudinal variation in a resident and a migrant passerine on Jamaica. Auk 90:610-618.
[Research conducted in eastern Jamaica, at four sites ranging in elevation from 154-1,077m above sea level; NB, our Windsor sites are 105 m ASL]

Wunderle, J.M.,Jr. 1981. Colour phases of the Bananaquit Coereba flaveola on St. Vincent, West Indies. Ibis:123:354-358.

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