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In 2015, WRC's Dr. Susan Koenig held two field workshops and one seminar to demonstrate how to survey and identify bats acoustically using ultrasonic bat detectors.  We've uploaded the presentations so others can learn how bat detectors work and so everyone can better-appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of this important tool for surveying bats.

To see a few examples of the echolocation calls of Jamaican bats, following the links on our Checklist.


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  • See the BONUS presentations, particularly Acoustic Survey Design by Dr. Brock Fenton,
    and RECOMMENDATIONS from participants.

  • 0_Introduction

    1_Acoustics 101

    2_Bat Detectors

    3_Detector Comparisons

    4_Detection Ranges

    5_Bat Anatomy

    6_Predicting Soundscapes

    7_Windsor Soundscapes

    8_BONUS More Windsor

    9_BONUS Coral Spring


    11_BONUS Test Your Knowledge

    12_BONUS Survey Design


    14_Handout on Detectors

    Funding for the seminar was provided by: