Amazona collaria.

The Yellow-billed Parrot is the larger of the two species of Amazona parrot endemic to Jamaica. It is related more closely to the Cuban Parrot (Amazona leucocephala) than it is to the sympatric Black-billed Parrot which most likely arrived in Jamaica from Honduras (maybe by "shoal-hopping": see Formation of Jamaica). It is locally common in the forests of the Cockpit Country, Mount Diablo, and the John Crow Mountains, where it depends upon large trees for suitable nesting cavities.

Yellow-billed Parrots are popular as caged-pets on Jamaica because of their attractive plumage and abilities to mimic human sounds. It is, however, illegal to keep them as pets as they are protected by Jamaica's Wildlife Protection Act (see the NEPA -formerly NRCA- site).

The Yellow-billed parrots tend to be seen flying in groups as they leave their roosting area and go foraging. (Black-billed parrots are more likely to be seen in small family groups) These parrots were the subject (together with the Black-billed Parrot) of the Jamaican Parrot Project.
Yellow-billed Parrots may be distinguished from Black-billed Parrots in flight by their lower pitched, descending flight vocalizations and deeper wingbeats.

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