Wolfgang Janetzky built the Windsor Green House on the other side of the valley from the Windsor Great House as a field station during his productive research on phytotelmata (tank bromeliads or "wild pine") and their biota during the mid 1990's.  
The house has two bedrooms, an equipped diningroom/kitchen and a small verandah. It has a rainwater collection tank to supply the indoor shower and there is an outside pit latrine.
 Note that Harold E. Anthony' (mammologist at American Museum of Natural History, NY) visited Windsor in 1920 and his field notes say, "The one drawback is the miscell. pests. The ticks are terrible and the mosquitoes only a little less bad. The latter however are day biters and the nights are serene" The mosquitos ARE a nuisance on this side of the valley even at night, though the double bed in the main bedroom has mosquito netting.  

 The rate for one bedroom (one or two people) is US$20 for the first night and $15 per additional night.

See location 2 on map of Windsor

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