There are also ruins at the South end of the Great House grounds which predate the House and appear to be some kind of storage facility. Because of the strategic position of Windsor at the north end of the Troy-Windsor trail, it seems likely that these were related to the British military and this is supported by the fact that neighbouring Coxheath was likely named after a British military staging post. The trail would have been important in relationship to the Maroons who had two Wars with the British in the 18th century, and Troy was in fact one of the bases for wolfhounds "big as colts" which were imported from Cuba during the Second Maroon War.
The son of a previous owner of the House, Mr C.W."Bill" Donald-Hill states that the ruins were a military hospital.


The ruins appear as a complete building in 1795, and since this was after a valuation in 1792 which values "Buildings and Utensils" at £10,000, it is likely that the present Great House was built between these dates,
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