Sleeping overnight at Windsor is especially practical for Birders who need to be in the field at dawn, or who are looking for our special nightbirds: the Potoo and the Jamaican Owl.

Note that Harold E. Anthony' (mammologist at American Museum of Natural History, NY) visited Windsor in 1920 and stayed at the Great House. His field notes say, "The one drawback is the miscell. pests. The ticks are terrible and the mosquitoes only a little less bad. The latter however are day biters and the nights are serene" Be warned!

Accommodation is available for a variety of prices and levels of service:

At the Great House, we have a couple of rooms which can be rented if not occupied by researchers. Breakfast is provided and we can also prepare lunch and dinner; we have running water, flush toilets and 110V lighting (solar-powered through an inverter).

Other accommodations are do-it-yourself and do not have reliable water. Lighting is by a 12V system or kerosene lamps.

Check out Wolfgang's place("Windsor Green House" :- location 2 on map); or Patrick's place (location 5) managed by Dango who can usually be found at his shop (loc.7).

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