While Silver Sands Villa Resort is about 45 minutes drive from Windsor, it is a good base for family-oriented holidays. Many different sizes of vacation villas are available for rental by the day or week and the Estate is situated on a marvellous white sand beach , .Babysitters are available so that interested adults can go exploring the Cockpit Country without subjecting youngsters to the ticks, lice, mosquitos and humidity.


If you are staying at Silver Sands there is a nice little heritage tourthat you can do in that area.

If you are interested in that sort of thing, have a look at the following:

Silver Sands was created as a residential resort just after WW2 in about 1945 out of a defunct Estate known as Johnson's Pen. Entirely built on coral limestone dating from the Pleistocene Age, it is located within a special environment known by scientists as Dry Limestone Forest (click here for more information). We value your feedback and comments: