Hampstead in Trelawny, Jamaica is near Retreat and (according to Fremmer) both estates were owned by Jane Stone, a slave who became the wife of Jonathan Barnett, the prominent landowner in Montego Bay and the man responsible for catching "Calico Jack" Rackham and the famous two "lady" pirates.
In "Jamaica Surveyed" ( BUY a Copy), Higman reports that both estates were owned by John H. Defell at the time of Emancipation.
Hampstead had 200 slaves at the time of Emancipation

Hampstead is presently owned by the Gentles and from their Great House on top of the hill you can look down on the remains of the Cattle Mill, Sugar factory/Boiling House with its chimney, Curing House and Distillery, both of which have very elegant cast iron windows.


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