Green Park in Trelawny Jamaica is not green at all because it is in a low rainfall area. I have just learned that the name was originally Green Pond, which is far less ambitious. This house has undergone a number of significant modifications since the first house was built there by George Sinclair in 1740. The 300acre estate was sold to a Mr Clarke in 1743 and a second house was built (the remains can still be seen under the east wing of the present house) In 1757 the estate was sold to neighbour, Edward Barrett and then in 1759 to James Peterkin and subsequently to two Kingston merchants, Southworth and Kennion (nb a Mr Kennion was also involved with Bounty Hall). According to Fremmer, Southworth changed the name to Green Park and started building the present Great House in 1764. He died before finishing it but his heir, William Atherton, finished and the family owned the estate (and also owned Spring Vale) until 1910. By 1840 the estate was in the hands of the heirs of Edward Atherton (according to the Jamaica Almanac) and consisted of 1315acres

On the other hand, the Tharp Papers include the following deeds which seem to me to imply that the Tharps came into ownership on 10 Dec., 1789:

More recently Green Park was owned by amateur historian and scrap-metal dealer, Ray Fremmer, who wrote numerous articles for the Sunday Gleaner and in whom many of my notes originated. Ray carried out major modifications during his ownership of the House and used various unlikely components such as sugar cane rollers and windmill-drive-shafts. He was murdered in the house in the early nineties and his heirs gave it to the People of Jamaica. As I recall, many moveable items were "removed" though some were put into safe keeping by a political representative. The items in the house and yard at that time included numerous gravestones and a 24inch -gauge, 0-4-0, well-tank, steam locomotive dating from the 1920's.

As an incidental note, there is a grave of one James Fletcher, "native of Scotland, who died at Green Park Estate on the 23rd day of September, 1889, aged 70 years. And of his wife Margaret..." at Hampden Scots Church

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