Florence Hall in Trelawny, Jamaica is one of the prettiest Great Houses I have seen. There is an excellent drawing dating from 1982 in JAMAICAN HOUSES, a Vanishing Legacy which may still be available.
It presently belongs to Henry Fullerton/Trafalgar Development Bank and is rapidly deteriorating to the point of no return.



 There are a number of interesting outbuilding at the rear, including a brick kitchen shown on the right

This was an 1103 acre sugar estate and it had its own wharf at Rock. This seems astonishing when you visit this arid area today: in fact the whole of the coast line (eg Harmony Hall, Spring) seems too dry for cane production. Has there been a dramatic fall in the rainfall or the watertable?

In 1859, on the owner's death, it became the scene of the Florence Hall Riots when the inheritance was disputed.
It was originally named after Cossley Hall who ded there in 1740. By 1840 it belonged to Charles Campbell; it has subsequently been owned by a Mr Pilliner, and the Dalyrumples, from whom it seems to have passed into the hands of TDB.

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