Value of Carbon Sequestartion provided by Cockpit Country, Jamaica

Description of benefits provided by Cockpit Country (1)

Cockpit Country constitutes about a tenth of the land area of Jamaica. It is located in the west-central region of the island. Cockpit Country contains thousands of hills and deep valleys. This vast area is home to many plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world except in Jamaica.

Cockpit Country currently provides different types of benefits which we have grouped under four headingss:

(1) Forests that create a large, safe habitat for many special, endemic (only-found-in Jamaica) plants and animals (eg. bats, birds, snakes, crabs, insects, and more) to breed and grow. The area can support ecotourism activities and provide natural products that can be harvested for a source of income.

(2) Historical, archeological and cultural areas such as Arawak and Maroon sites as well as more-recent memories of "grounds" and communities. (Click link for images)
(3) Its Limestone geology serves as a large underground aquifer that supplies water for agriculture, domestic, tourism and industrial use for most of Western Jamaica and the forest cover maintains the rainfall and regulates water absorption. (Click link for images)
(4) Contains significant volumes of bauxite ore which has the potential to be mined and exported to make Aluminum. Contains significant amounts of limestone which can be mined and used for construction activities such as roads and houses. The mining activities can create jobs and earn foreign exchange. (Click link for images)


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