Carrick Foyle in Trelawny, Jamaica, was originally owned by Phillip O'Connor, (Carrick, Foyle and O'Connor are all Irish names); the Jamaica Almanac of 1840 lists the acreage as 432 and the owner as heirs of Richard O'Connor.

The photo on the right, taken in 1987, and the information below are courtesy of the Porter family, descendants of Delgado (see below).

According to The Jamaica Directory, 1878, the section titled Directory of Estates, Pens & Properties in Jamaica states: "Carrickfoyle (sic) P.J. McKay, proprietor, Falmouth" (page 217).
In the Falmouth listing in Trelawny, it states "P.J. McKay, propr. Carrickfoyle Pen, home 1 Cornwall [Street]" (page 128).
It seems Peter John McKay had died before 1872: his widow Harriet, remarried 2 March 1882 in Falmouth, to Albert Moss Solomon.
Later that year, September 1882, this advt appeared: "Sale of Real Property. We are glad to learn that Mr. A. M. Solomon, of this town [Falmouth] has purchased Carrickfoyle Pen in this parish from Mr. C. B. Knott. The price paid for it, we are informed, is 1,000." (from Falmouth Gazette, 19 Sept issue.)This was Charles Bernard Knott, who died soon after, in November 1884.

From 1908 Carrick Foyle was owned by Hon. Donat Alfred Delgado (Custos of Trelawny - from 1950 until 1956), who lived there until 1956.

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