In 1840 the Jamaica Almanac reports that it consisted of 551 acres and belonged to Emily D. Campbell,

The Alps is situated on a major geological fault which crosses the karst limestone plateau and which demarcates the western end of the Cockpit Country. The abrupt landscape and the winding road presumably reminded the British colonists of the European Alps.  
The Alps is "ten miles south of Stewart Town beyond Mahogany Penn, deep into the northern Cockpit Country" (Edward Underhill, 1862: 359-61) quoted in Martha Brae's Two Histories page 108,2002, Jean Besson)  
 The Baptist church was the second to be consecrated in Trelawny; it is really a converted Coffee House which was the only building available to the Rev. William Dexter of the London Baptist Missionary Society who came to Jamaica in 1835. You can clearly see how the stonework has been modified to give gothic (ie "church-window-shaped") frames. Frankly, I think the original stonework was nicer! It is interesting that the Alps coffee farm was already prosperous enough at that time to afford the elegant original building.  Photo of cut-stone building next to basic school

According to the local community, Alps has seven caves. Three of these have not yet been explored. There are also two springs, one lake, and a river. Names of some of the caves: Uncle Sam, Mass Donald, Rat Bat, and Caledonia.